11-13 / ‘statement I’

Written by Sophie Seita and Anna Moser


The origin lies on the circle

the perfect words for the circle are found in a letter

line is perpendicular

horizons contesting some tangible logic

positive to the line

beyond countable

generic point on circle

this becomes the above equation

the circle is transcendence

since since since

so it has [=] form

passing through


It would be rash to deduce from such an observation that woman’s place is in the home: but there are rash people.

One has to agree that it is a long way from ovum to woman. The ovum does not yet even contain the very notion of female.


A lung is a tree just turned upside down

suspicion aside


Having said that

despite that


building a haphazard syntax

testing how pliable they are


The trapped mark between two lines is really a triangle


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